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'Buy Now' is a digital solution provider and a payment facilitator for f-commerce channel of ekShop. It collects payment for f-commerce entrepreneur through this particular channel using ekShop’s payment account. ekShop is a Govt. owned aggregated e-commerce platform.

Your customers will be able to buy products/services online with ease and security. Payments can be made with payment options such as local and international debit or credit cards, mobile banking system, net banking and direct operator billing.

Buy Now offers sellers a customized portal to manage your payments. We offer enhanced security measures that offer additional layers of encryption on top of the industry standard SSL technology. BuyNow is a robust application allowing full control for customization and packed with features also discussed in this document.
Sellers choose BuyNow because we provide much more than just payment processing. We offer a complete payment solution, easy integration, information about data security regulations, fraud prevention information and fraud tools, detailed reports and payment choices.

BuyNow offers after sales support to Seller’s clients. We are just a phone call away when you need support or you can also send us an email at support@buy-now.biz

Paying online is easy to use & safe with Buy Now

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