Are there some types of sellers you do not accept?

Yes, a few examples are listed below:
Adult Sites, Internet Casinos
Lottery Tickets
Sending of Money/Cash Advances
Alcohol, Firearms & Drugs

Do I, a Seller, need a separate bank account to connect to BuyNow?

No. You do not need a separate bank account. Funds will be transferred through an account payee cheque/Bank Accounts/MFS etc. The cheque will clear in 2-3 business days.

How can I check the status of a particular payment?

You can login to your merchant portal to check the status of your order or transaction. Your login details will be available to you as soon as your account is activated.

How can I create a Link?

You can create a link after login at your seller portal. There you will find “create a link”. After clicking on that you need to give basic information about your service/product

What are the different reports provided in the BuyNow seller portal?

Detailed reports with transaction details, customer details, and account balance can be viewed from the merchant portal, this helps the merchant to manage orders and transactions.

How I will know that a transaction has happened?

As soon as a transaction is completed on, you will receive a notification through Email and SMS from BuyNow. You can manage all your transactions and view reports through your customized merchant portal.

How should I apply?

You need to register through our seller portal at and submit all necessary file to become a seller in the system.

Is a seller restricted to sell only to Bangladesh based consumers?

No. You can sell your products or services globally.

What are BuyNow's refund and end customer dispute policies?

BuyNow maintains a customer-friendly refund policy. We investigate all claims and if the claim is valid we refund the money directly to customer.

What are the advantages of a payment gateway to me as a seller?

F-commerce and E-commerce is booming in Bangladesh. If you want your businesses to grow, extend sales, and reach customers locally and abroad, then you also need an online payment solution. BuyNow is a unique payment solution that enables businesses of all sizes to reach their target range of customers with the click of a button.

What are the different payment options available with BuyNow?

BuyNow is able to processes local and international credit and debit cards that carry Visa and Mastercard logos. We also accept major local payment mediums like mobile financial system (e.g. bKash), local bank cards (e.g. Nexus) & Net Banking.

What company name will appear on my customers' billing statement?

Your company's business name/Your Name will appear on the customer's billing invoice. This adds value to your brand & avoids any confusion or possibilities of chargebacks.

What does BuyNow do?

BuyNow provides complete, simple and secure online payment gateway services for the shopping cart through f-commerce, with real time transaction validation connected to multiple payment methods unified into one.

What is a credit card chargeback?

A chargeback is a refund that is requested by the customer through their credit card company. This usually occurs when a customer formally disputes a charge usually because their card was stolen.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is an e-commerce facilitating service that connects a merchant website to process transactions via Debit/Credit Cards, Mobile Financial Systems & Net Banking to take payments from customers for orders placed online.
It is an online system that accepts, verifies and processes transactions on behalf of the merchant. Debit and credit cards are the most commonly used methods of payment during any online transaction.

What is BuyNow's credit card chargeback policy?

BuyNow will investigate a chargeback request for confirmation. We will review the transaction and supporting documents as stipulated under the Deed of Agreement.

What is the payment settlement system?

Payments are disbursed bi-weekly, paid out every 3rd week to seller’s respective bank account.

When is a successful transaction eligible for a payment to my account?

All credit card transactions processed through BuyNow, are presented to the merchant as 'Preauthorized'. This means that the merchant is guaranteed that the customer's card is credit worthy for the amount of that transaction.

Why Should I Choose BuyNow?

Sellers choose BuyNow because we provide much more than just payment processing. We offer a complete payment solution, easy integration, information about data security regulations, fraud prevention information and fraud tools, detailed reports and payment choices.
BuyNow offers safe and reliable payment processing solution to Sellers. We offer up to four levels of security features that ensure data security and confidentiality. Our security features include SSL technology, IPN verification, Risk Team and support for customers enrolled in ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘Master Card Secure Code’ security programs.
Comprehensive detailed reports are available on the Sellers portal. These reports include transaction details, customer details, and account balances. This helps the merchant to manage orders and transactions.
BuyNow offers after sales support to Seller’s clients. We are just a phone call away when you need support or you can also send us an email at